From The Mouth Of Babes (or in this case, Harper)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

You know how little kids say things that most adults would literally never say? Things that are not socially acceptable, or are technically rude to say aloud? Obviously, in most cases children are just expressing (quite honestly) what they see or feel. They don't mean to be rude or to make things weird. In most cases the forward things children say make for some pretty funny stories, and I believe that most people don't take offense to what is said by a child because they know it was an innocent remark made by a innocent mouth. I like to think that most people are understanding at the end of the day. Which is probably a good thing considering what came out of my child's mouth at the grocery store...

Before I tell the story, let's establish a little background. 

A Little Story on Hugs, Kisses, and Bathroom Trips

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Harper is one of the most affectionate little girls I have ever met. I love the way she runs and gives me hugs at random moments throughout the day. I love hearing her say, "I love you mama!" Just because. She loves to snuggle and give kisses and it is seriously the greatest thing. 

That being said, Harper's affection is given to things most of us might never consider giving affection too. She believes that all pill bugs (dead or alive, correctly connected bodies, or torn apart) are her best friends. She lovingly holds them and pets them as she tells me how much she loves them and how much they love her... and me. She also does this with leaves, rocks, candy wrappers, pizza crust, and pretty much anything else she finds. She truly does love all things unconditionally. She really does have the most pure, innocent and perfect heart of gold. 

Every time she brings me a new "find" I chuckle inside at her cute innocent heart and her ability to make friends with the most unexpected things. She makes me want to find more joy in the little things. She makes me want to be a better friend. 

Then there was today. 

 Today I think she took it a little too far.