Easter 2015

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Holidays are always so much fun, especially with Harper!

We had so much fun at the big Easter egg hunt Grandma Smith threw for us!

Since I have so many siblings, we do Easter egg hunts a bit differently in my family. Instead of everyone going off to search for random eggs, we all get assigned a color. This makes it so everyone gets the same amount of eggs, and none of the tiny ones (like Harper) get left with only 4 eggs in their baskets, while the big kids find 50. It's much funner to search for your own eggs! 

Harper's assigned color was orange!

safe places & baby faces

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Guess what I found today?!

Harper's 1 year pictures!
I was seriously searching for these for the past 6 months. I have this tendency to put things in very 'safe' places, only to realize when I go to retrieve them that my 'safe' place is so safe that even I cannot find it! Then of course, months down the road after I have given up hope of ever finding my beloved treasure I hid so well, I come upon it suddenly without meaning too and I'm like, "Oh, duh! Now I remember I put it there!" and all the memories and smells of the day I hid it come back with complete clarity, almost as if they are mocking me for ever forgetting in the first place. 

Then I vow never to do it again... 

Then I do it again. 

It drives Ash crazy. 

At the moment, his mouse pad, his favorite headphones, a jacket, and his toolkit are all missing. 
At least that's what he says, but I reassure him that they are not missing, just in a 'safe place', and as soon as I remember where that 'safe place' is, I will return them to his care.