Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Have you ever had a moment that made you feel very very poor? Being a young married couple, with a rapidly growing child, and never ending mortgage payments and home repairs, we feel poor a lot. But, honestly for the most part, we feel very very blessed. We never really go without any necessities, and we get to do fun things as a family all the time. I honestly never feel truly poor, just very blessed.

However, yesterday, Ash and I had a moment where we felt dirt poor and it was humbling and hilarious at the same time.

We always do family night once a week on Mondays. Which pretty much means we dedicate Monday evening to spending time together as a family. This last Monday we met up with my family to play a round of lazer tag and black light put put golf as our family night activities. Being the ice cream obsessed human being that I am, I suggested to Ash that after we finish our activities, we should take Harper out to get a treat (*cough* ice cream *cough*). Ash said it sounded like a great idea, boo-ya!

So just as planned we played lazer tag, and some mini golf and the next thing we knew we were getting in the car to get a treat then head home.

Then we noticed something.

Our gas tank was pretty much empty.

Like... we had 18 miles left empty.

Which wouldn't have been a problem, except that the location we drove to, for our activities was 20 miles away from our home.

Harper's First Movie

Saturday, March 14, 2015
I decided to go on an adventure today! By adventure, I mean taking my 18 month old to the movies.

Everyone knows that there are certain things in life that become more complicated when you bring a toddler with you. And by some things, I mean most things!

While we have watched movies at home with Harper, I have never taken her with me to the theater. This is because I know how much she loves to sit still for 2 hours (she doesn't!). So I have always found a babysitter. However, since she has gotten bigger, I thought I would give going to the theater with a toddler a shot!

We went to Cinderella, which I figured was a good choice considering the bright colors and fairy tale theme. It actually went really well. I was pleasantly surprised. Harper sat with me completely entertained for over half the movie. I attribute this to the fact that Harper auntie Bek was with us (who she just adores) and the popcorn we give her every so often. But, I think it was mostly the popcorn, because as soon as we ran out of popcorn, Harper started getting restless!

I tried bringing her to the side of the theater so she could walk along the entrance walkway. That entertained her for about 15 more minutes, but pretty soon it was clear that she was ready to exit the movie and explore the outside world.

We had so much fun walking around the outside of the theater that I honestly didn't even feel bad for missing the rest of the movie. That is what makes Harper so special, she makes any situation a fun adventure and I enjoy spending my time with her no matter how simple that time may be.

We went and picked up rocks for a while and make rock pictures, and then we walked over to a cute little cookie shop next door and bought ourselves a delicious flower shaped sugar cookie. We sat on the curb and licked our fingers clean of that delightful morsel and smiled and talked and laughed. She may reply with "Yeah!" or a little baby chuckle to everything I say, but I know she understands me a lot and we really have a great time conversing.

After our cookie, she wanted to go back into the theater, but not back into the movie mind you. Instead she led me to the little arcade on the side. She was obsessed with the car driving game and I was honestly floored with how well she maneuvered that steering wheel! I'm hoping those skills carry through to when she gets her learners permit! We shall see...


My advice would be to make sure you have lots of snacks if you bring your toddler to the movies because they are a lifesaver.

My other advice would be that even if you end up in the halls or outside like I did, don't be sad, because those cute little tykes we call toddlers have a whole world of adventures to show us, and when we let them show us those adventures, there's a whole lot of fun to be had!