Saturday, January 31, 2015
It was bound to happen eventually.

Every little girl at some point in her early life discovers her mothers makeup box. Today Harper discovered mine! She was running around the house playing, when all of a sudden it got quiet. Too quiet.

Its a universal truth that when the sounds of a playing baby silence, something is up.

I went to find Harper, and came upon this:

There she was in all her glory, Covered in lipstick from head to toe. "Harper... what are you doing??" I said softly. 

She avoided eye contact. 

"What is all over your hands?" then "Is that mommy's lipstick?" She looked at her hands, processing what she had just done. 

"Where did you find that, love?"

Again, eye contact avoided. 

"I think we should clean up daddy's room." I said. (did I mention Ash's office was covered in lipstick, the walls, the floors, the chairs... oops) 

All I got in response was a blank stare. 

This led me to two conclusions: 

1. Either she is a little bit worried about how dad will take this... or,
 2. She could care less because she knows that dad is crazy about her... 

It's the second one, I decided. 

And I was right!
Dad took it pretty well. 
Though parts of the carpet are a bit pink, and his gym bag now hows some lovely pink stripes, he didn't get angry. One of the benefits of marrying a total sweetheart of a man! (#marriagewin)

But, honestly how COULD you get upset when this sweet little face is in front of you asking for forgiveness?!

Harper while deemed curious, has been declared innocent to any offense. 

Case Closed. 


  1. Sooo cute! I love the pictures...Harper looks like she had fun.