Happy First Birthday Harper!

Saturday, October 4, 2014
Guess who turned 1 this week?!

I cannot believe it. 
They say the first year goes by so fast, and they were not kidding!

It feels like yesterday when I first held my tiny 5 pound bundle of joy,



In honor of my sweet baby girls birthday we threw a family party for her. 

The theme was "Poodles in Paris"

1. Because she LOVES dogs.
2. Shes a little girl and what little girl doesn't love pink and Paris!!

I did good with the Paris part... but failed a bit on the poodle part... oops! (Thank you Gram for saving me by making the cutest poodle cake EVER).

We had a light dinner...
Played the funnest game (a questionnaire to see who knew Harper the best!)
Watched a movie I made highlighting her first year on earth
Had cake (Harpers first cake EVER)
And watched Harper open her presents (She LOVED each and every one!)

I don't know how I am going to top this party next year because it was so cute!
(Thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-law I was able to use old decorations and spend close to NOTHING on this cute party.)
Yay for me and an even bigger yay for Ash ;)

I cannot begin to express how amazing my life has been since Harper joined it. Being a mom is seriously the GREATEST job EVER. I wouldn't change a thing. 

Thank you Harper for upping the joy in my life x1000000!! I am so grateful to be your mommy and cannot wait to see you keep growing your darling, fun, cute, and charming personality.