Making Our House A Home

Saturday, August 9, 2014
I have been working on decorating our new home. It is a lot harder to decorate while taking care of a baby than I originally anticipated. I wish I could say I feel like I have finally made this house my home, but there are still pictures to be hung, books to unpack, and clothes to sort.

Lately my typical decorating thought process goes something like this:

I look at a room.

"Hmm... I don't like the couch there... I should move it.

"It looks really heavy. Where is Ash when I need him?"

"I bet I am strong enough!"

I put Harper down with some toys and I try to move the couch.

"Okay this is heavier than I thought."

I put my back against the arm of the couch.


"My face is on fire. I am going to pass out."

"Why did I do this?"

"Why oh why did I do this."

"I really rather not do this!"

"I must finish what I started"

More grunting.

I create a beat in my head.

"You can do it! You can do it! If you put your back into it!"

My music tune fades as I pause.

"That was a really lame song."



One final push.

"I did it!"

I rearrange the tables/lamps/bookshelves/etc. Then I look at the room again.


"Do I even like how this looks?"

It looked better before"

"Why exactly did I move the couch again?"

As I ponder, I feel little hands on my calves.

"Hi Harper!" I say.

"Dadadadada!" She says as she looks at me.

"When will she learn to say my name!"

"Say mama!" I say.



I pick up my daddy obsessed offspring and look at the room again.

"I'm too tired to move the couch again. This will do for now."

"Oh well... At least it was good exercise."

I move to the next room and repeat.

Well I don't repeat that exactly... it just feels like it sometimes!

The good news is I worked on Harpers "big girl" room over the weekend and I finished it! (Besides  a few pictures of her I have to print and hang, and her personalized name wall decor).

Me and the hubby both agree that her room feels like home. "I feel good when I'm in there," Ash told me. Ditto Ash, Ditto.

So I have one room down and 1...2...3..4ish to go!

It might be a slow process but I'm one room closer to making this little starter home of ours quite comfy!

Harpers Room


  1. LOVE the new blog layout!
    The room looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I am loving it too! I am glad you like the room! I probably rearranged it 5 times before I felt like it was right. I second guess myself a lot ;)