It's not goodbye, it's see ya later...

Thursday, July 3, 2014
[Ash was given his Grandpa's name for his middle name. This past weekend Ash's grandpa passed away. We went to his funeral Saturday and all that was shared reinforced how amazing this man was. I wanted to share my own tribute for him that I can share with Harper as she gets older. The pictures of Harper in this post are of her holding one of the bullet shells that was shot at her great grandpa's funeral (he was a WWII veteran and member of the Navy).

I first met Ash's namesake when we had just started dating. It did not take long for me to realized why Ash was give this man's name. 

Ashton Callis Craig on our way to the burial site. 
Some people don't need to say much about themselves or their lives for you to know they are a good person. Some people don't need to say anything at all--you just take one look at them and know they are someone special. Ash's grandpa Callis Harms was one of those people. 

I didn't know him long, and most of the time I knew him he resided in an assisted living home. But that didn't matter, because the time I did know him was enough and I can honestly say that my life is better for those 2.5 short years he was in it. 

He made me want to be a better person. 

He taught me to always greet everyone with a smile. 

He showed me what true love is and that it can last forever. 

He reinforced my desire to never stop learning.

He opened my eyes to what it means to be truly grateful. 

His faith made mine stronger. 

His smile made mine bigger. 

His attitude made mine better.

His life gave mine more meaning.

When Harper gets bigger I look forward to telling her all about her Great Grandpa. I'll tell her about when they first met, how he took one look at her and said, "Now THAT is cute." 
I'll tell her about the silly joke's he would crack, and how he was always positive. I'll tell her about how much better Sunday dinner tasted when he was there, and how I loved listening to him talk, whether it was a story from his life, or advice, or a gospel lesson. I will tell her that he called her Daddy "Lil Butch" and her Mommy, "Lil Butches Wife." I'll tell her how he referred to dogs as "beasts" and I know it will make her giggle. I'll show her how he would lift his clenched fists up and proclaim "yes! yes!" when he liked something, or how he would always great you by saying, "greetings!" Most importantly I will tell her that if she tries to be a little bit more like him each day, she will do alright. 

Thank you for everything Grandpa Harms, even though you didn't remember who I was half the time, I will always remember you. We cannot wait to see you again!  

Rest in Peace.