Harper's 1st 4th of July!

Sunday, July 6, 2014
We had a wonderful Fourth of July! 
Harper wore her festive hat and skirt all day.
She LOVED fireworks. 
We thought maybe she would cry like most babies, 
but she just clapped and laughed and wanted more and more!

Me and Harper watched daddy work on the lawn while I told her about America.
She was very serious as I told her.
Even though she is little I think she realizes all the sacrifices people made so she could be free. 

We had a barbecue with my family. 
Harper had Chicken and Veggie baby food.
I thinks he was jealous of our grown up food,
But she was a good sport! 
She always claps after she eats or puts snacks in her mouth.
She is so proud of the big girl she is becoming (she just turned 9 months old!!)

I've never seen Harper eyes get as big as they did when the fireworks started,
She couldn't stop staring.
She was in complete wonder. 
I love having a baby on holidays, it makes them so much more fun.
Child-like awe is an amazing thing. 

Harper loves her daddy so much. 
Today was no exception, she wanted to be around him all day.
I think she gives me a run for my money sometimes.
But I am glad someone else loves Ash as much as me.
Every daddy needs a girl who adores them!

I am so blessed to have these two in my life.
I am also grateful to live in a free nation,
so I can enjoy my life with them without restriction.


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