Mystery Diagnosis

Saturday, July 12, 2014
I woke up with a black tongue today.

No, it wasn't the lighting, and no it wasn't in my head.

My tongue was literally covered in a fuzzy black substance.

I woke up with a strange taste in my mouth, but didn't think much of it except that maybe today it was necessary to brush my teeth before going the bathroom. When your mouth tastes like old wet laundry wrapped in corn husks sometimes it is necessary to make cleaning it your first priority in the morning no matter how bad your bladder calls for relief.

As I opened my mouth to insert my toothbrush I was met with a very disconcerting sight.



I jumped when I saw it, the same way I jump when someone hides in the shower to scare me because they know how paranoid I am of someone being behind the shower curtain. I may have jumped worse actually.

My first thought was mouth cancer. But then I remembered how every time something strange happened to my mouth I thought it was mouth cancer and it never was, so I probably didn't have it now either.

Then I remembered how our fridge had some mold in it (because we had left it in the humid garage for a month as we were waiting to move into our house--after it had been hosed down--yeah, I know, not the brightest thing to do). I had cleaned out the fridge 5 times with bleach before we ever put any food in it, but what if I missed a spot and my food was infected?! What if the black stuff on my tongue was mold?!

"NO NO NO! Gross... nasty... ew... get it off me!! Get it out of my mouth!! AHHHH!"

I turbo brushed my mouth, realizing that as I brushed the black fuzz came off my tongue. It took a good 10 minutes to scrub it off, and I couldn't reach the back of my tongue due to a gag reflect that I was not about to disturb--mold or not.

I calmed down a bit. There was no way this was mold. I am not being logical, I told myself. There has to be a resonable explanation for this.

I went to my room and grabbed my phone.

"I woke up with black fuzz all over my tongue. Please help" I entered in the Google search engine.

The results that came up mentioned a lot of stuff about upset stomachs.

Then it dawned on me. I was feeling sick to my stomach the previous night and had taken two chewable pepto bismols! Could that have anything to do with this? I quickly changed my search...

"Black tongue after chewing pepto bismol"

A ton of webpages popped up listing a black tongue as a side effect of pepto bismol, there were also a bunch of people saying they too had a black tongue the morning after taking chewable pepto bismol!

This HAD to be my answer.

 I researched a bit more and sure enough the brand of pepto I took was notorious for black tongues. I cannot tell you my relief. It was completely harmless... besides being a bit traumatic and I was going to live yet another day!

So my friends, if you want to completely freak someone out, your mother... your sister/brother... your significant other... take a chewable pepto bismol and the next morning you will have a black tongue waiting!

You're welcome.  



To finalize my theory, I had Ash eat a pepto bismol tablet to see if he got a black tongue. Sure enough... he did!

Harper's 1st 4th of July!

Sunday, July 6, 2014
We had a wonderful Fourth of July! 
Harper wore her festive hat and skirt all day.
She LOVED fireworks. 
We thought maybe she would cry like most babies, 
but she just clapped and laughed and wanted more and more!

Me and Harper watched daddy work on the lawn while I told her about America.
She was very serious as I told her.
Even though she is little I think she realizes all the sacrifices people made so she could be free. 

We had a barbecue with my family. 
Harper had Chicken and Veggie baby food.
I thinks he was jealous of our grown up food,
But she was a good sport! 
She always claps after she eats or puts snacks in her mouth.
She is so proud of the big girl she is becoming (she just turned 9 months old!!)

I've never seen Harper eyes get as big as they did when the fireworks started,
She couldn't stop staring.
She was in complete wonder. 
I love having a baby on holidays, it makes them so much more fun.
Child-like awe is an amazing thing. 

Harper loves her daddy so much. 
Today was no exception, she wanted to be around him all day.
I think she gives me a run for my money sometimes.
But I am glad someone else loves Ash as much as me.
Every daddy needs a girl who adores them!

I am so blessed to have these two in my life.
I am also grateful to live in a free nation,
so I can enjoy my life with them without restriction.


It's not goodbye, it's see ya later...

Thursday, July 3, 2014
[Ash was given his Grandpa's name for his middle name. This past weekend Ash's grandpa passed away. We went to his funeral Saturday and all that was shared reinforced how amazing this man was. I wanted to share my own tribute for him that I can share with Harper as she gets older. The pictures of Harper in this post are of her holding one of the bullet shells that was shot at her great grandpa's funeral (he was a WWII veteran and member of the Navy).

I first met Ash's namesake when we had just started dating. It did not take long for me to realized why Ash was give this man's name. 

Ashton Callis Craig on our way to the burial site. 
Some people don't need to say much about themselves or their lives for you to know they are a good person. Some people don't need to say anything at all--you just take one look at them and know they are someone special. Ash's grandpa Callis Harms was one of those people. 

I didn't know him long, and most of the time I knew him he resided in an assisted living home. But that didn't matter, because the time I did know him was enough and I can honestly say that my life is better for those 2.5 short years he was in it. 

He made me want to be a better person. 

He taught me to always greet everyone with a smile. 

He showed me what true love is and that it can last forever. 

He reinforced my desire to never stop learning.

He opened my eyes to what it means to be truly grateful. 

His faith made mine stronger. 

His smile made mine bigger. 

His attitude made mine better.

His life gave mine more meaning.

When Harper gets bigger I look forward to telling her all about her Great Grandpa. I'll tell her about when they first met, how he took one look at her and said, "Now THAT is cute." 
I'll tell her about the silly joke's he would crack, and how he was always positive. I'll tell her about how much better Sunday dinner tasted when he was there, and how I loved listening to him talk, whether it was a story from his life, or advice, or a gospel lesson. I will tell her that he called her Daddy "Lil Butch" and her Mommy, "Lil Butches Wife." I'll tell her how he referred to dogs as "beasts" and I know it will make her giggle. I'll show her how he would lift his clenched fists up and proclaim "yes! yes!" when he liked something, or how he would always great you by saying, "greetings!" Most importantly I will tell her that if she tries to be a little bit more like him each day, she will do alright. 

Thank you for everything Grandpa Harms, even though you didn't remember who I was half the time, I will always remember you. We cannot wait to see you again!  

Rest in Peace.