"But... How did you KNOW?"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
"But, how did you know?" 

I still remember how pressing the look she gave me was. It was almost as if all the deep feelings of her heart were piercing me through her eyes. 

It really was a good question, I thought, looking back at her.

"After all was said and done... After you went home and the chemistry and laugher was turned off... When you sat in your bed, by yourself and thought of him... How did you really truly know he was the one?" 

Again, good question. 

How did I know? How does anyone really know? Is that even possible, to know something so firmly in your heart, that nothing can dissuade you from believing it? 

I believe you can. 

In fact I KNOW you can, because I knew it with him. 

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I was always taught that if you desired to know something, you could pray and recieve personal revelation for your life. And I've always felt like God has led me in every decision I've made. 

I've often heard people of many faiths and backgrounds describe having a single moment in which they knew and felt so strongly that the person they were dating, seeing, or even just met was the one. The type of moment where the heavens part and light shines down, or their whole body is overcome with warmth, or they have a dream that they know didn't happen by chance letting them know. 

I am a firm believer that these things do happen. 

But that didn't happen to me. 

And that's okay. 

I still know that the man I married was meant for me, as completely as if one of those things had happened. 

I know, I know... "But how?"

For me, it was a bunch of small moments that when looked at through a birds eye view just made sense. 

He had a bunch of little things that when combined made my heart happy and I just knew. 

I just knew that I had been led to the person who would make me feel complete. He always had, and he always would.

Like the time he held me close, as we walked down the busy city street after our first date. He didn't think anything of it... But me, I felt safe and shielded from the cars that briskly passed, and the people who walked quickly by, obviously on a schedule, pushing past everyone in their path. 

Or the time I caught him smiling at me when he thought I wasn't looking, and in that second I saw how much he loved me. 

Then there was the time he brought me up the mountain blindfolded to surprise me with an evening staring down at the city lights, and he played my favorite band the whole way up. It was the sweetest thing to know that a few weeks before when I told him about the music I loved during a casual conversation, he was really listening to me. 

And I'll never forget the time I wondered if he believed as strongly as I did in our faith, so we could always share in the same conviction. The very next day he shared his beliefs with me, and I knew he loved God as deeply as me. 

He always has had a way of making me feel beautiful without even trying, and I knew he would continue to do that the rest of my life. 

He was easy to talk to, when sharing my thoughts verbally never came easy to me. 

He accepted me for who I was: the many quirks I had, and the silly way I did things... like how I ate pizza and watermelon with my fork instead of my hands. 

I always felt peace when I was with him, I felt alive when I was with him and I felt whole when I was with him. 

I never had a moment where the heavens opened and light shown down. 

I never had any type of vision.

I never was overcome while going about my day with an overwhelmingly strong feeling that I was to marry him. 

And that's okay.

Because I knew.


  1. Oh, I love this! I knew that following you was a good choice! Thank you!

  2. Ok... Reading your blogs, I'm captivated by the meaning you put behind it. I'm a mother of 2, about to get married to a man of two. There was simply something about your posts that striked my attention.. Then I read you are an LDS member! I am about to be baptized in the LDS Church Saturday! All I can say is God knows how to lead people down the right paths when they choose to follow Him. Thank you for being so outspoken.

    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Comments like yours mean so much to me. Congrats on your upcoming marriage, that is wonderful. I am so excited for you on your upcoming baptism! The church has blessed my life more than I could ever express and I am so excited that you've decided to experience that same happiness! Way to go :)

  3. Alison @ lookbeyondtheimperfections.wordpress.com

    I got asked this same question all the time when I got engaged at 19. In a way, I had the "moment" that you mentioned. I realized, when I thought about the future, that I didn't want a future that didn't include him.

    I've been really enjoying your blog so far! You have a very mature writing style that is refreshing.

    1. I love how you said when you thought about the future, that you could not picture him not in it. That is so cool. I think that is a very good indication that you want to be with someone.
      Thank you for enjoying my blog and letting me know! I hope to continue to make it something you'll enjoy coming back to over and over again. :)

  4. At first your blog its amazing!
    My smile gets bigger and bigger when I read all amazing thing!
    I thing you are really the only person in front of me who feel the truth love!
    The best love you feel in the first seconds you meet your dream boy
    I think I found my dream boy before 3 month and I wish we will have nearly the same amazing future like you!
    Now am 16 and maybe with 19 I will marry my life!
    You are amazing am so happy :)
    You have a lot of power!

  5. Thank you so much for your comment and for reading my blog and letting me know how much you enjoy it. You are so sweet to say the things you have. I wish you the best with your future and the love you have found. It truly is a wonderful thing to find someone to give your heart too :) I will continue to write and hope you continue to enjoy my blog. :)

  6. Hello Ms. Craig!
    Reading your blog was a pleasure! I didn't waste my time! I am 19 and not married and don't regret a bit! I have huge plans on how to serve my Lord!
    I actually was raised and taught in the doctrines of the Bible, and understand that only God can give a person happiness and a future husband. I also was thought that I need the assurance within myself from God that he is the one God had planned for me.
    As you had said, that God led you, and later in your life your beloved confessed to you and you realized he has same deep relationships with God as you do.
    I can add the conclusion to my thoughts as I was reading: Only GOD can give a young couple a blessed marriage life. Only GOD can bring the true love between spouses. If both love the Lord and confess Him as their Lord and Savior, they only live for Jesus, and that's all that matters! If God had planned out more happiness in life, it's only because He wants each of the spouses help each other get to heaven! You don't want to know how many divorces are made every day! And it's just because their love was from their lust of the flesh, which vanishes, but at first promises a life full of hope, love, happiness.
    Again, enjoyed your blog and thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm falling in love with your blog!! We share so many similar experiences! My husband said he knew he was going to marry me after the first time we met. I always thought he was a little crazy for saying that, but he said that he never felt the Spirit as strong as he did in that moment. Crazy what people in love with God and each other can do! Thanks for sharing!


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