Things I Am Awkwardly NOT Good At

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Going Through Drive-Thrus With Other People: For some reason I am fine when I am just ordering for myself... But when someone else is in the car... Say hello to the Natasha "the mute" Craig.

Urine Samples: I never realized how much of a problem I had with this until I had to give one every single doctors appointment. I'll spare the details, but sweet mercy, you would think I could perfect the art by now. Not so. 

Talking On The Phone: I find myself having way to many of those "soooo..." "well..." "um..." moments. 

Crying: I do not cry gracefully. I am what you would term a mess. I'm talking the full on swollen eyes, smeared makeup, hiccups, red, mess of a creature. 

Knowing When NOT To Laugh: Guys... For the sake of my poor soul, do NOT fart, burp, tell a joke, trip, sneeze crap out of your nose, run into something, etc when things are serious/quiet/to public/or any other situation where laughing wouldn't be appropriate, because I will lose it. And I won't stop... I just get worse. I can't control it. 

Telling Jokes: Punch lines are not my specialty. I get to excited with the thought of actually being funny... Then get ahead of myself... And pretty much what I'm saying is my jokes blow. 

Keeping Surprises From Ash: I always try and plan cute surprises for Ash and I can never keep them a secret. I get so excited that I have to tell someone and... It allllllll comes out. 

Approaching Strangers: This could be my biggest weakness. If people approach me, I am the friendliest person ever. But the thought of going up and approaching them gives me full on panic attacks. It's pitiful. 

Asking For Favors: I feel so bad doing this. I always end up asking for a favor then going into a huge explanation that "if it's to much of a hastle, don't worry" and "what can I do for you because really I feel bad having you do this and blah blah blah." This is most true for Ash. He finally just has to look me in the eyes and say, "LET ME SERVE YOU. It's okay!" 

Telling Stories: I have so many good stories, but verbally trying to express them, always turns into the biggest disaster, I try to explain way to much. You would think I would know that no one cares about what color so and so's shirt was... Or where the sun was at in the sky... 
Fact: I would do much better if I wrote everything on paper and then read it to people... 

Being Alone: I pull out the full safety measures. All doors locked... Phone ready to dial 911... Knife by the bed side... You name it, I've got it set up. 

Swollowing Pills: Don't ask me to do it, it is impossible. Don't tell me it is possible, its not, I've tried. I have gagged more times in one sitting trying to swollow a pill, than most people do in a life time. 

 Road Rage: I am way to nice on the road. You know when traffic gets really heavy and people are trying to merge? Well I am the person who backs up traffic cuz I let EVERYone merge in. I'm sorry! I really am... But I feel so bad for them! 

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