I Think I'm Loosing My Mind

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
    I have had an onslaught of brain cell death these last few weeks. Okay let's be honest, I am becoming a little... sssslllllooooow . I am not kidding. I am going to apologize for blaming everything wacky that's happening to my body on being prego because I am about to add another "prego problem" to my growing list. And, considering I apologized, now I don't feel as bad for blaming this new found brain damage on being prego as well.

    That being said...

    Today was cray cray. I got up at 3 am, helped get Ash out the door to work, went back to sleep for an hour or so, wake up to my phone going off, it was Ash, he got a modeling job and needed sweet potatoes so he could carb load... and he wanted them for lunch which meant I had to get up quick because to get sweet potatoes I needed to cash his check, and I needed gas because the car was running on I-am-way-past-low-you-should-have-filled-me-up-10-miles-ago. Etc. Etc. Etc. You probably don't care about all these little details, but needless to say, I had a lot to do before Ash got home, hungry for lunch.

    I get to the gas station with 16 bucks. A 10, 5, and 1. I sat in the car way to long decided if I was going to put in 10 bucks... or 15... but then if I did 15 then I would have a 1 dollar bill left over, and who wants a 1 dollar bill just chillin their in its nothingness? So I decide to just put all 16 in. After that 30 minute debate at the gas pump (told you I'm slow), I head into the station and give them the 16 bucks. Then I go out and start filling up my tank...

    For some reason as soon as I start filling up the tank, my turtle brain all of a sudden is convinced that I gave the cashier 13 dollars. So when the pump didn't stop at 13 dollars I panic and quickly stopped it myself. I was so mad because I didn't want to break a 20 to pay the $1.58 cents I went over with. I walk inside reluctantly with my 20, and when I get to the desk, the girl opens the register and hands me $1.58. I look at her and say, "Aren't I supposed to pay you?" She goes, "I'm pretty sure I pay you actually... you stopped your pump early." And I said, "No no! I didn't stop it soon enough. I went over the 13!" She then proceeds to tell me that I gave her 16 bucks with a confused face. It was then that it all came back to me... I was humiliated, and she just laughed and laughed and all I could say was "I am sorry, I am losing my mind!"


    What was I thinking? Yeah, I know I wasn't. Just like I wasn't thinking when I was making Ash scrambled eggs and ended up pouring the milk in the warming frying pan, instead of with the eggs I was beating. Or the time I made Ash cookies and put the vanilla extract in the flour instead of with the wet ingredients. I know these are all little mistakes, but when you have a billion little mistakes all day, every day, it gets old. So I hope this goes away after I have the baby, that's for sure.


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  1. Love the font and the pictures and the description. Stuff like this happens to me all the time and I am not pregnant. Maybe it's genetic, ikes... I think it's 'cause you had so many details to remember in a short period of time and you were a little stressed about remembering everything.